helen, dave, tory

Our Story

For over a century this site has brought you a dining experience unparalleled by anywhere in western Nebraska. In the early 1920s, a beautiful clubhouse was erected on the shores of Bronco Lake. The club was the center for outdoorsmen and socialites alike. Activities surrounding the lake, included a golf course, shooting range, tennis courts, and boat races. The private members-only club flourished for nearly 40 years. Due to irrigation, the 800acre lake dried up and the golf course was relocated.

Our Story begins May 1, 1987, when Helen Iossi, Dave & Tory McVicker purchased the West Side Event Center (originally Alliance County Club).
The headlines in the Alliance Times-Hearld on November 19, 1994, read "Alliance landmark destroyed by fire". The building that had survived the roaring 20's, dirty 30's, war-torn 40's, rocking 50's, psychedelic 60's, disco 70's, and the pop culture of the '80s & '90s was a total loss. With the help of the Alliance community, funds were raised to build a new restaurant on the existing site. On November 19, 1995, the Alliance Country Club once again opened its door to members and guests.

In 2012, we made the decision to no longer be a membership club and serve nightly dinners. The name was changed to the West Side Event Center. Although our hours have changed, we still have a reputation for serving fine food in a pleasing environment. We pride ourselves in helping our customers plan celebrations for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, or any other occasion. The party will end, but the memories with last a lifetime.