hazel's best

The two most asked questions about our potato salad are:

What do you put in this to make it so addicting? And, Who the heck is Hazel?
Hazel is Helen's mother, Tory's grandmother & Ali's great grandmother.
Hazel was born at home on the family ranch in the Nebraska sandhill in 1905. Life on the ranch gave her a strong work ethic and a love of cooking. Later in life, she moved to town and purchased Don's Café where she was known for her comfort food cooking, fresh-baked pies, cinnamon rolls, and potato salad. She was frequently asked to make large batches (20 to 30 lbs) for family gatherings. Hazel continued working in restaurants and serving up her famous potato salad past the age of 80.
We still use the original recipe Hazel created over 100 years ago. We hand peel and shred every potato then carefully combine them with the freshest ingredients. We market our potato salad to local restaurants and delis. Our famous potato salad has been taken all over the United States to enhance special meals. We currently make 2 or more batches of 600 lbs each week.